Joe Jonas Breaks Up with Demi Lovato in a Jerk Way! This Guy is a Real Loser…

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Joe Jonas broke up with Demi Lovato!  Mums the word on why.  But we do know it is Joe’s dad that called Demi to tell her Joe was dumping her!

WHAT!?!  What a loser.  Although, not a surprise.  This is the same jerk that dumped Taylor Swift over the phone in less than 27 seconds (as she told Ellen Degenerous on Ellen).  Seems Joe has gotten even more cowardly as he is getting older. 

Not very Disney of you Joe!

It is Perez Hilton that has all the deets.  Apparently, Demi had “a good cry” and is now exploring other options. ‘Other options’ is surely code for rebound with a back-up dancer. 

Not very Disney of you Demi!

Tweens!  Listen up, I have to tell you this break-up rumor appears to be true based on Demi’s very own tweet.  “After the week I’ve had, I can PROMISE you I will KILL this show tonight… Get ready for one intense concert.”

Hehe…intense concert.  She is funny!  As if…

So little chicas out there…stop dreaming about Joe Jonas.  He’s a creep.  Regardless if Demi was feeling insecure because he dated a model before her…a model who dumped him (hopefully in a crap way)…and he probably still pines after her and maybe Demi lashed out over this.  You know those wannabe dramatic types.  Anyway, all of this is no reason to have Dear Old Dad do your dirty work.

It’s time to grow up Joe.  

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