Joe Jonas Celebrates 21st Birthday – Singer Hoping to Get a Puppy

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Singer Joe Jonas is celebrating his 21st birthday today.  The hunky pop star is now legally able to drink in the United States.  However, he’s not asking for a Porsche, a supermodel girlfriend in a cake, or an expensive piece of jewelry.  No, Joe Jonas is hoping to get a puppy as his big 2-1 birthday gift!

NEW YORK - AUGUST 13: Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers performs on ABC's 'Good Morning America'at Rumsey Playfield on August 13, 2010 in New York City. (Photo by Bryan Bedder/Getty Images)

Joe Jonas, a member of the popular boy band group, The Jonas Brothers, just barely qualifies as an 80’s baby, as he was born back in 1989 in Casa Grande, Arizona.  Months ago, Jonas was dating his co-star in the Camp Rock films, Demi Lovato.  However, as of May 2010, the two were reportedly no longer together.  That left Joe single and ready to mingle.  Now at 21, he can party it up, but instead he’s talking pets.

According to, Jonas talked about his big August 15th milestone birthday celebration.  The member of the Jonas Brothers said of his plans:

“Besides a dog, I don’t know, That’s all I kind of wanted. I don’t know what we’re going to do to celebrate. These guys are not telling me what they’re doing.”

It’s a surprising gift for a Jonas Brothers star to want on his birthday.  Most of us might try to get an expensive watch, or if we were friends with Diddy, a Maybach as our birthday gift.  Not Joe Jonas.  He’s got the money, the fame, and the looks to get pretty much what he wants in life, so why not go for man’s best friend at age 21?


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