Joe Jonas Is a Good Music Producer

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Joe Jonas is a good music producer according to an insider. The super-cute Jo-Bro is advancing his talents from recording to producing, and he has been doing a great job.
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“You wouldn’t expect it because he’s known for being a Disney kid or whatever, but producers have mad respect for Joe in the studio. He’s a really good producer. His ear is dead on. He knows what he likes and has a knack for hearing hits. Don’t underestimate him just because he’s a Jonas brother,” said a source.

This is very interesting because, as the source suggests, many people look at Joe as just a Jonas Brother, and not as a true musician. Even his brothers Nick and Kevin are very talented, and their skills go far beyond singing in a boy band. With Joe’s solo album, people are going to see a deeper side to him and that’s going to be great for his career. These kids are growing up and they will be making music for a while.

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