Joe Jonas Ladies Man: Hangs with Victoria’s Secret Models!

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Joe Jonas is a ladies’ man! At least that is what he would like the world to think. The singer and former Disney star was seen hanging out with Victoria’s Secret models on spring break in Miami. Some guys get all the luck.

Yep, Joe Jonas appeared at the big Pink Nation Spring Break Pool Party. So, what did Joe have to do when making this Victoria’s Secret event. How about just stand there while models Chanel Iman and Elsa Hosk hung all over him?

Talk about a great job to get paid for. Joe got to stand there, on spring break in Miami, at a pool party with two smokin’ hot Victoria’s Secret models clung to him.

Somebody get this man a beer! He is old enough to drink, right? All kidding aside, the 22-year-old Jonas has said it all when talking about his time in sunny south Florida:

I love Miami! I’ve been here every other week for the past two months and that’s just me because I love the people, the culture, the beaches are amazing.

Come on Mr. Jonas, be honest. Joe Jonas may love the beaches and the culture, but he really loves the Victoria’s Secret models that he is hanging out with.

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