Joe Jonas Not Cheating on Ashley Greene with Demi Lovato

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Joe Jonas is not cheating on girlfriend Ashley Greene with ex Demi Lovato. New rumors are circulating that Jonas and Lovato may be rekindling their romance, now that Demi is out of rehab.

While Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato were once a hot, young couple, those days are over now. Joe is seemingly madly in love with “Twilight” star Ashley Greene. It has been reported, however, that Lovato and Jonas are back in contact after their messy breakup.

According to Metrowny, however, the rumors about Demi and Joe hooking up are completely ridiculous. Jonas and Greene are happy together, and these rumors are just the product of “irresponsible” writing.

While Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato may not be getting back together, it would be nice if they could be friends. Demi has previously referred to Joe as her “best friend,” perhaps part of her emotional breakdown was not losing Joe as a boyfriend but as her friend.

If the former couple can have a healthy friendly relationship, they should, as long as Ashley Greene doesn’t mind.

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