Joe Jonas purity ring off in 2010 thanks to Ashley Greene?

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Actor and singer Joe Jonas’ purity ring is reportedly off as of September 2010, and it might be in thanks to his girlfriend Ashley Greene.  The Jonas Brothers are well known for wearing these purity rings and now it appears that Nick Jonas may be the only one still honoring that.

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According to the Cleveland Leader, sources say Joe Jonas has not been wearing his purity ring but is definitely spending lots of time with Twilight star Ashley Greene.  The friend of Jonas said “When they’re not traveling they’re basically living together.”  The purity ring which Joe had reportedly been wearing had a cross pictured on it with no words.

Joe Jonas recently turned 21 years old and possibly decided to take on some new freedom with his new age.  At 21-years-old he’s free to lose control through drinking alcohol, and apparently wants the right to lose his purity as well.  Being madly in love with Ashley Greene seems like a good reason as well.  But is ditching the purity ring the right image for a Jonas Brother?  Sure why not?  These guys are allowed to outgrow their Disney Camp Rock upbringings and be adults too, right?

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