Joe Jonas Regrets Breaking Demi Lovato and Taylor Swift’s Hearts

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Joe Jonas has dumped Taylor Swift (2008) and Demi Lovato (2010) and now he is kind of thinking that maybe, just maybe, he might have done both girls wrong. Yep, Jonas is a heartbreaker…and now he feels bad that he has developed a bad rap as a complete player.

Is Kristen Stewart 'Vogue' Photoshop too Much?22-year-old Joe Jonas claims to feel a tad bit guilty for breaking a few hearts, quite publicly. He attempts to be remorseful in an interview with People Magazine.

I wrote a song called I’m Sorry that I sing every night on tour. It’s about breaking someone’s heart, and this is my apology. You may know who it’s about, but I try not to say names.

Come on, Joe… name names. Perhaps because of his history of “breaking girls’ hearts” he is finding it difficult to get a date now. He claims to have a secret crush, but won’t spill the beans. This is probably good given his history with relationships. The king of “love ‘em and leave ‘em” once had a crush on Jessica Alba and the actress called him out on it in public.

The question is this: Can Joe Jonas break the curse, be a little nicer to the girls he dates, and not publicly run them though the ringer and breaking their hearts, or is he just a loser at love?

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