Joe Jonas Talks About His Solo Project

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Joe Jonas has recently taken leave from the heart-throb brotherly trio The Jonas Brothers to begin his solo career, and the 21-year-old singer is finding out that solo is a whole other ball game!

“It’s a whole new experience for me. I mean, a good experience, because I’m able to write songs that I have been wanting to write for a long time. It’s completely brand new to me,” he said.

So what made the experience so different? For starters, Joe Jonas isn’t used to being in the studio without his two brothers, Nick and Kevin, constantly by his side. Perhaps it’s a bit hurtful, then, for them to hear him admit that it was a “good experience“.

Joe Jonas

Jonas has been calling the album his “coming of age album”, leading many to ask what exactly he’s been writing about in the studio during his alone time. Perhaps a rebuttal to Taylor Swift’s public bashing of her ex-boyfriend?

According to Joe, “I wanted to be really honest with what I wrote about, whether good or bad.”

Joe Jonas’ solo project will be released this September, and could get interesting, from the sounds of it! Will you be purchasing the album?

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