Joe Jonas Won’t Sing About Ashley Greene, Demi Lovato or Taylor Swift (Video)

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Joe Jonas is a smart cookie. He said he will never use Ashley Greene, Demi Lovato, Taylor Swift or any of his exes’ names in a song because he knows he would get into trouble. Joe is easily considered to be the best looking Jonas brother but he’s proving that he’s not all looks.

While on, Jonas was extremely candid during a recent webisode of Small Talk with Joe Jonas. The 21-year-old singer said, I feel like artists have the responsibility to be able to write about whoever they want to write about. There is always worries about running into your ex and having to explain about that song you wrote but if there are no names in it, one can’t really be upset. It can be very flattering when someone writes a song about you. You just have to get it.”

Maybe Swift should take a page from Jonas’ book because everyone knows that Swift is very quick and heavyhanded with her pen when it comes to her exes. Fortunately, Joe Jonas will probably never have that problem. His purity ring may be gone but there’s definitely purity and goodness in his heart. There are few artists and celebrities who has exhibited the integrity that that he has. If only more would follow suit.

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