Joe Simpson Cancels Date Plans With Another Man

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Joe Simpson has been in the headlines a lot lately since the news of a gay scandal broke. The father of Jessica Simpson is getting a divorce and reports are out that the problem is he is more into men than women.

According to Radar Online, Joe goes golfing each week with a younger and very sexy man. He has been doing this for a long time; but now that the scandal broke, he decided it was best to cancel his weekly golf game. Nobody even knows the name of the golf buddy.

This guy is said to be in his 20’s and very attractive. Joe Simpson signs him in each week to golf with him, but never puts his name on the sheet. It appears that there is something to hide. Canceling their weekly game makes fans wonder if a relationship with the younger man is the reason.

So far Joe is not admitting to being gay, but there is a lot of information coming out to prove that he is at least involved with men as well as women. Since Chandler Hill came out saying that he was involved with Joe more information keeps coming out. Are you shocked by this gay scandal?

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