Joe Wilson- not the first time he has said something stupid.

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Congressman Joe Wilson, Republican of South Carolina, is suddenly famous for having said “you lie” in the middle of President Obama’s address to the Joint Houses of Congress last evening. Well, it ain’t the first time that something goofy has come out of THAT mouth. According to Wikipedia:

On a 2002 live broadcast of the C-SPAN talk show Washington Journal, guests Wilson and Democratic congressman Bob Filner were discussing Iraqi weapons of mass destruction. When Filner pointed out that the US provided Iraq with biological and chemical weapons technology in the 1980s, Wilson falsely claimed that it was “made up” and commented to Filner, “this hatred of America by some people is just outrageous. And you need to get over that.” Wilson apologized for his remarks in statements to the press.[

not to mention:

In 2003, following Essie Mae Washington-Williams‘ revelation that she was the illegitimate daughter of Wilson’s former employer, the late Senator Strom Thurmond, Wilson was among those who publicly doubted her claim. Wilson said even if her story was true, she should not have revealed it because “it’s a smear” on Thurmond’s image was a way to “diminish” Thurmond’s legacy.[13] After Thurmond’s family acknowledged the truth of Washington-Williams’ revelation, Wilson apologized but said that he still thought that she should not have revealed that Thurmond was her father.[14]

Joe Wilson’s  backward Sons of the Confederate Veterans
attitudes regarding Senator Strom Thurmond’s biracial daughter may be somewhat revealing when one considers that he is now the first Congressman in the modern era to heckle a President at a televised event. And guess what, it’s a biracial President. Coincidence?  Decide it for yourself, I am just reporting so far. But it’s interesting that Wilson has a habit of apologizing without changing his mind.

Here is where I stop reporting and give my opinion. Wilson’s fifteen minutes of fame came at the expense of rational dialogue on health care. Health Care was the topic at hand, and Wilson sought to change the subject to illegal immigration.  Bait and Switch.  That is just as shameful as Wilson’s so called “spontaneous” history-making lapse of civility.

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