Joey Kovar Sent Suicidal Texts to Friend Prior to Death

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Joey Kovar was found dead this morning at his Chicago home. The former reality star’s family believes the death was drug-related, but no official cause of death has been released. However, new details have surfaced.

Jared Degado, a friend and future co-star of Joey, spoke to Radar Online about some cryptic messages he had received from Joey prior to his death. “Joey sent me some very suicidal text messages lately,” Jared revealed. “I’ve been really worried that it was going to get the best of him, and I had a feeling he was either going to commit suicide or that all the prescription medications he was on were going to make his body give out.”

Joey had been struggling with addiction for the last several years, but as his friend reveals, he had be taking drugs as of late. Unfortunately, his friend doesn’t seem to realize that although the drugs he was taking were not illegal, he is an addict and should have never allowed himself to be prescribed narcotic medication.

“Joey was sober for some time, but he suffered from major anxiety issues so he took medicine for that. He also took Adderall. We would be in meetings and I would see him have an anxiety attack, and he would take his meds for that and then he would start to get really lethargic. Then he would take the Adderall to perk up. When you mix Adderall and other prescriptions, it is really hard on your heart.”

The fact that his friend believes that he was “sober” and yet regularly taking drugs is what leads to many deaths. It is often believed that as long the drugs that addicts are using have been prescribed, it makes it ok. The truth of the matter is that an addict needs to stay away from all narcotic drugs. There are several anti-anxiety drugs on the market that are non-narcotic. Sadly, Joey surely was aware of that and didn’t make the necessary adjustments to avoid this devastating situation.

The two were scheduled to appear in the upcoming reality series The Hunks of Horror. Joey had previously starred in The Real World: Hollywood and Celebrity Rehab 3.

Joey Kovar is survived by his two-year-old daughter.

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