Joey Lawrence OK with Trump for President

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In an interview with Fox News, Joey Lawrence said he’s all right with Donald Trump becoming president. To quote his most famous TV character, Joey Russo — “Whoa!” Dude, really?

He told the Fox411 Pop Tarts that The Donald is “‘somebody out of the box.'” Adding, “‘I think that some of the stuff he’s saying makes sense. It sounds like you and I would say it, and it’s time.'”

And what, exactly, is it time for? Is it time for a president who has bankrupted his business several times? Time for a president whose ego is so huge, he can’t stand the thought of not being in the spotlight for say, just five minutes? What is it time for? Perhaps it’s time for Trump to cut off that ridiculous mane. It seems to be interfering with his brain.

Talk show host Lawrence O’Donnell believes that the reality TV star’s network, NBC, is fully aware of his plans but isn’t talking. On his show, he said, “‘NBC has created a monster and it is called Donald Trump.'” He continued by stating, “‘If Donald Trump has committed to do (‘Celebrity Apprentice’), he is obviously not running for president.'”

Neither NBC nor Trump are revealing his plans just yet. However, The Donald told the media that after his Celebrity Apprentice is done for the season on May 22, he’ll “‘be free to announce.'”

Well, Trump, perhaps Joey can be your Vice Presidential running mate if you do choose to run.

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