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Scary-Go-Round, for the uninitiated.








I found this comic shortly after I found Questionable Content. Around this time, I had asked myself, “What could match the genius of Jeph’s work?” Welllllllll. . . Allison, of course. . .

A little backstory on Allison (stolen-okay, borrowed-again from Wikipedia, in case anyone’s wondering). 

Native to the UK, Allison attended the University of Sheffield and honed in his HTML skills while spending some time as a music editor. At first, he was angling for a spot in print, but soon went online with his work and began developing a massive fan base there.

Another way Allison achieved mass exposure around this time was joining a group of absurdist webcomic creators who eventually christened themselves Dumbrella. He benefited from all of the cross-promotion and merchandising support he received as part of the benefits of being a part of this relatively elite group of creatives.

(Clicking on creatives will take you to the Dumbrella website.)







Allison did an online strip named Bobbins for a couple years before he started on Scary Go Round (hereafter abbreviated SGR) in 2002. Scary Go Round is the only Allison work I’ve ever known-but is actually a departure in style and tone from typical Allison. Mind you, not a vast departure, but a significant departure nonetheless. It’s unbelievable what comes to mind while reading a Bobbins chapter, then reading a SGR chapter and mentally comparing the two. You’re like to feel some kind of disorientation after a while. At least, that’s what happened to me.







Scary Go Round focuses on–well, wait a minute.

Let me start again.

Scary Go Round focused on these two barmaid birds, Tessa and Rachel, who for a time lived together and had relatively (relative, at least, inside of the strange universe Allison created) normal, slightly whimsical adventures. And then, things took a turn for the really weird when a character named Shelley Winters entered the picture. Suffice it to say, things were never the same.

If you got really stoned and high, you could make heads or tails of the plots and situations that materialized after Shelley became a prominent character within the SGR universe; personally, even then I’d doubt it, but moving on. Allison’s concoctions are almost always a laugh, with some of the situations provoking full-powered prolonged guffaws out of its audience. You’re guaranteed, at least once, to have a milk-spurting-from-your-nose experience when reading some of the SGR comics from 2005 ’til the end of 2007. I don’t mean to imply that the recent comics have slipped into a comatose state, but they get regular laughs out of me now and not the OMG WTF kind of extreme laughter I had come to expect from an Allison storyline.

Basically, younger readers have more to derive from these types of amusements than older readers.











Scary Go Round



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