John Boehner Says Some Members of Congress are ‘Dumb’

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Some of America’s dumbest people are members of Congress, says Speaker of the House John Boehner. Thanks, Boehner, for stating the obvious. Mr. Boehner told the Wall Street Journal, “We got some of the smartest people in the country who serve here, and some of the dumbest. We got some of the best people you’d ever meet, and some of the raunchiest. We’ve got ‘em all.”

Boehner went on to say, “There’s nobody who tried harder last year with the president to do the right thing. There’s nobody who walked further out on a limb than I did to try to get him to do the right thing,” publicizing his own congressional achievements. This comment was referring to last year’s debt talks, resulting in even more bad blood between Democrats and Republicans, as well as between President Obama and GOP leaders. Speaker of the House Boehner was even blamed by Obama for hindering the discussions when he walked out in the middle of a meeting.

Recently, a massive highway bill proposed by John Boehner was in limbo, lacking support of Boehner’s fellow Republicans. Also shot down was the Keystone XL pipeline. Both of these were set to create many American jobs, which is what this country desperately needs to get the economy jump-started again. That seems to be proof enough that Congress is not entirely made up of the brightest crayons in the box. Who’s to blame for that, though? They are elected by the American people. Maybe instead of voting based on who has the best commercial, there needs to be more focus on the actual issues and the position the people chosen to speak for you take on these issues.

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