John Boehner Smoking and Crying: Offers No Apologies

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John Boehner smoking and crying videos is the subject of jokes among commentators, but Boehner offers no apologies. Americans want their men to be more sensitive, but when House Speaker John Boehner cries and shows his softer side, the media jumps and makes fun of him. He also has no patience for questions about either his smoking or his crying. John Boehner told “Fox News Sunday” that he’s not about to apologize. He says that he wears his heart on his sleeve, and he believes getting his emotions out is important.

According to Chicago Sun Times, “Besides being quick to tear up, Boehner is also known around Washington as a heavy smoker. When asked why he doesnÂ’t quit, the top House Republican responded sharply that, yes, itÂ’s a bad habit, but that he chooses to smoke.” What did he say when he was asked about his smoking? “Leave me alone.”

So what do you think of John Boehner smoking and crying? Do you think he is too easily offended and overly emotional? You have to remember that a man in a high profile position will have to be asked to carry many emotional moments during his term in office. Even President Obama has been criticized for being overly sensitive.

Americans and the media just can’t have it both ways. Either people want leaders and men to be sensitive, or they do not. One thing is certain: Smoking is not allowed.

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