John Cena Divorce War Gets No WWE Coverage, but Tout App Success Does

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The recent John Cena divorce war has surprisingly received little to no coverage from the WWE, whereas Cena’s recent “Make a Wish” and the company’s new social media success has been showcased. Can it be said that the WWE is a class act, or covering up for their top superstar?

While Cena’s divorce has been settled amicably with ex-wife Elizabeth Huberdeau, TMZ and other gossip circuits jumped on the news. However, World Wrestling Entertainment chose to stay away from the story. Normally, anything that hits TMZ from WWE tends to get heavily promoted by the company, although when it comes to anything negative that could hurt an image, forget about it.

That’s not to say Cena’s divorce could hurt his image, but the mention of possible adultery could. The objective for WWE for years now has been to build up Cena’s resume and make him a heroic character. That has become obvious due to his fan base consisting of mostly younger fans and their supportive parents. However, Cena has been criticized by older fans, for lacking a wrestling move set, and for the constant pushes he receives.

That push looks to continue as Cena will likely claim the WWE championship soon with his Money in the Bank briefcase contract. He’ll look to defeat CM Punk on a historic episode of WWE Raw, and that will definitely be top news on the WWE’s site, but probably not on TMZ.

Meanwhile, WWE is definitely talking up the success of its latest social media campaign, Tout. The company has been a heavy proponent of Twitter and Facebook, as they mention both sites numerous times during television shows and Pay-Per-Views. In fact, it’s rare not to see wrestling related names or phrases trending on Twitter during them. Now they have released a Tout App, which allows fans to do 15-second self-recorded videos that can be uploaded. Some of the touts were aired during the latest episode of Raw. It’s unknown if anyone was touting about John Cena’s divorce.

The news that Cena settled his divorce is a positive thing, although it may secretly bother WWE that they won’t have him in the headlines on gossip sites, which would garner interest in him and WWE. Do you think WWE should offer all news that hits TMZ regarding its current talent, or is full disclosure a bad idea?

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