John Edwards Dumped by Rielle Hunter?

In some “Ha, Ha!” news, John Edwards may have been dumped by his homewrecking mistress: Rielle Hunter. Actually, both Edwards and Hunter are homewreckers equally. That’s just a fact.

Anyway, the ever entertaining National Enquirer is stating that John Edwards was looking to Rielle Hunter for some support during his upcoming indictment when she “snapped at him, ‘I can’t help you! My only concern is raising our daughter.’ John felt as if she’d stabbed him in the back.”

Wow, if that’s how Edwards really felt then welcome to the club. You know which club right? The one he left his cancer ridden dying wife in for trampy Hunter. Yeah, that’s the club.

Recently there had been some talk about Edwards blasting Rielle over their sex tape. However, this new development makes for yet another entertaining twist in the debacled life of a disgraced politician.

A source told the tabloid site: “When John found out that he was close to being indicted, he begged Rielle to cover for him. He cried to her, ‘I don’t want to go to jail!’ But she didn’t care. She went ahead and dumped him!”

Well, if payback isn’t a b****, what is? In this case that b****’s name is Rielle Hunter. Imagine that, she was able to screw John Edwards in more ways than one! Wow, record breaking. Now… if only it were true.

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