John Edwards, Rielle Hunter Engaged

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It’s a shocking new report that has people saying, “Huh?” Former Vice Presidential candidate John Edwards is reportedly engaged to his mistress Rielle Hunter.

Just weeJohn Edwards on Meet The Pressks after the death of his wife Elizabeth this new report has surfaced, and it has some people shocked. The National Enquirer is the source for this story. However, they were also the first outlet to report Edwards’ affair with Hunter.

Sites like The Hollywood Gossip are already speculating a wedding over the summer.

It wouldn’t be surprising if Edwards and Hunter got married, but the timing is a little foul. Of course, it would be good for Edwards to be committed to someone, and if it’s Hunter he will then be there for his daughter. But how do his other children feel about this?

The cover of The Enquirer says that Hunter met his other children and told them to “call her mommy.” That’s a bit much, isn’t it?

Poor Elizabeth Edwards. Even though she’s passed on, this bologna is still lingering. For the sake of respect and for her children, it would be nice if Edwards just kept quiet for a while. A long while.

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