John Gardener to be Charged with Murder of Chelsea King Found (Video)

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The body of Chelsea King is found and a sex offender who had just finished attacking a 13 year old girl is seen in the photo grinning. A physchiatrist had previously recommended giving  John Allbert Gardener III thirty years, and warned he’d strike again,  but John Albert Gardener III was only given 6 yeas and then, only served 5 years. So, people are outraged that this man went free to rape and murder.

Chelsea King went missing last Thursday while out jogging.  Police found the body of Chelsea King on Tuesday March 2. 

In 2000, John Gardner plead guilty ot molesting a 13 year old girl and only served 5 years of his 6 year sentence.

Tuesday night, thousands of people gathered to pray for the safe return of Chelsea King; however, as the people prayed, the prayer vigil turned into her memorial service as thousands of Americans want to know how and why the judicial system failed Chelsea King, her family, and who knows how many others?

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