John Mayer Playboy Interview Text Transcript

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Singer/songwriter John Mayer had a bad week after the release of a Playboy Interview in which he said some, well, interesting things about himself, and ended up making some racially insensitive comments.  I won’t repeat them here – you can find them by clicking the link for full Playboy interview text below.

I’ll just say (again) that I don’t think John Mayer is a racist at all.  I think he was trying too hard to be witty, and forgot he didn’t actually have a “hood pass,” just as he was talking about it.  As for the comment about black women, I don’t think he meant to denigrate anyone – he showed a bit of honesty by saying that he’s not sexually attracted to black women, and there’s nothing wrong with that.  I would think most people are probably more easily attracted to members of their own race, but that’s doesn’t make them malicious hate-mongers.

But, I do think he’s kind of a douche, nonetheless.

The link for the full John Mayer Playboy Interview text and transcript is below the two polls below.  The polls are just for fun… please partake!:


John Mayer Playboy Interview Transcript and Text


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