John of God Oprah Brazil Documentary – Is Joao de Deus a Miracle Worker or Marketer?

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John of God of Brazil on Oprah Wednesday has the world of believers and skeptics at odds. The show featured a panel of guests to explore the merits of a documentary, Healing: Miracles, Mysteries, and John of God.  Is Joao de Deus a miracle worker, or is he turning out to be a very savvy internet marketer?

When The Secret was revealed on Oprah years ago, it took the world by storm, as a group of people from around the world claimed to hold the power to impact their existence just by their thoughts.  The premise behind the so-called Secret was that you can have anything you want if you willed your thoughts properly.  The power at work is that the world conspires to answer the needs of us all in some metaphysical way.

Years later, we have John of God of Brazil on Oprah claiming something similar, but through the power of faith, mediums, spirits, and by the hands of one man.

Meet Joao de Deus, an unassuming farmer in the tiny town of Abadiania, Brazil, positioned about two hours from Brasilia.  For the last 30 years, Joao de Deus aka John of God, has reportedly performed healing miracles from common chronic maladies like heart disease, arthritis, and even cancer, to name a few.  At the Casa, a spiritual temple, he performs surgeries without modern equipment and without anesthesia.  A hoax or witchcraft?  To some, yes, but to others, John of God of Brazil is the only reason they are alive or have returned to good health.

The work and claims of John of God of Brazil captured the attention of doctors from around the world and Oprah Winfrey, who wanted to feature him on her show. However, before she laid her neck on the line with being took by another con artist, the queen of talk sent Susan Casey, the editor-in-chief of O, The Oprah Magazine on a mission to witness firsthand what, if any credibility exists of the powers of John of God.

Casey, who was still grieving from the loss of her father who passed away suddenly, spent one on one time with Joao de Deus and witnessed up close tiny miracles that took place right before her eyes.  She also used that time to address the lingering pain she experiences from her father’s loss.  When she returned, she was no longer a skeptic, and had, in fact, been released from the tsunami of grief.  A miracle? To her, the life she now lives is a new lease, and she credits it to the experience at the Casa.

Even doctors from around the world were stumped on the miracles that took place, many of which could not be explained by medical facts.  But, what they can attest to is the power of faith and the human will to live, areas that deserves great attention.

On another side of this story is a press release that was released on the same day of the John of God of Brazil Oprah segment.

A press release regarding the sale of exquisite John of God Brazil crystals hit moments after the show aired on Oprah.  The press release centered around the offering of many crystals known in history for their healing powers.  A new line of John of God crystals are available for sale with incentives.  Coincidental?  You be the judge.

Do you believe in miracle workers, spiritual healers, or even angels?  Many people scorned Jesus Christ for his miracle working powers, yet he healed scores.  Raphael is a venerated archangel of healing in the Roman Catholic Church.  And, the Bible points to the fact that God commissioned some people to carry out his work of healing. However, the Bible also speaks out against mediums.  Doesn’t it all boil down to faith?

Perhaps, that’s The Secret.


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