John Stossel: Major Libertarian Was Stifled at ABC!

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Everyone knows John Stossel as the ‘Give Me a Break20/20 guy you could count on for fun stories about rip-offs, scams, silly regulations and more. He started at ABC in 1981 as a correspondent and later moved on to co-anchor in 2003. He brought in high ratings and everybody loved his easy-going style and trustworthiness. In 2009, things changed, ‘They were hostile to these ideas that made us prosperous, and I consider so important,‘ he said. The very stories that brought in the high ratings were getting shutdown by his bosses. They were critical of his political leanings, not a huge surprise, ABC is known as a pretty liberal news network. ‘By the end, they were saying, “Oh, you’re so predictable Stossel, you want to use libertarian economics all the time.”‘

What to do? In September of 2009, the network decided to go with a story with the family of Michael Jackson, who had recently died. Stossel was supposed to do a follow-up story on his widely successful special about choosing schools called ‘Stupid in America‘. He had enough and finally left ABC. Pretty brave to walk away from a job, especially since he didn’t have anything else lined up! Where could the diehard Libertarian go? Without an invitation, he went to FOX and asked for a job! ‘I went over there and begged, “Please hire me, I can’t stand it anymore.‘ Lucky for him, he was hired. Today, John Stossel is the host of ‘Stossel‘ on the Fox Business Network, appears weekly on the top-rated ‘The O’Reilly Factor‘ and hosts a series of one-hour specials for ‘Fox News Channel’.

Check out Stossel’s interview with the Heritage Foundation below:

Check out Stossel’s Blog HERE.

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