John Travolta Has a Six-Year Gay Affair

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John Travolta has had a rough time trying to stay out of the spotlight lately; and while plenty of people claim that there is no such thing as bad publicity, Travolta will probably disagree at this point. Outside of typical marital problems, the hunky actor has been getting claims of sexual indecency thrown at him from every direction. Recently, quite a few men came out claiming that Travolta had done inappropriate things during a variety of massage sessions. John dismissed them all, and most have dropped their lawsuits, but that doesn’t mean that he is out of the woods yet.

Newest reports are circulating that John Travolta had a nearly six-year affair with his gay pilot back in the 1980s, according to Travolta’s ex-secretary Joan Edwards. Edwards is claiming that ‘she always knew John was gay but it didn’t bother her’, and she is also saying that the pilot – Doug Gotterba – told her about their sexual relationship. Even Doug’s boyfriend after Travolta is saying that Doug told him about their sexual escapades. Eventually, Gotterba called off the relationship as he was reportedly turned off by John’s constantly fluctuating weight, horrible body odor and bad hygiene. But he did stick around as a pilot for John because it was the ‘lucrative’ thing to do.

When rumors began circulating that Travolta may have been gay (in a time when it was especially taboo) he used Brooke Shields as a cover. Supposedly, everyone close to them knew there was no actual relationship, it was just for the press to improve John’s image and sway the rumors.

If Travolta really is gay, perhaps now would be the best time to just come out and say it, there is only so much story spinning that can be done before people get tired of him altogether.

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