John Travolta Separated from Kelly Preston: Hoped for Divorce?

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There’s a new rumor about John Travolta and it’s not that he’s gay. The latest supposed news about the actor and his wife, Kelly Preston, comes courtesy of everyone’s favorite tabloid newspaper, The National Enquirer.

According to the newspaper, shortly after Travolta and Preston’s 16-year-old autistic son, Jet, died from a seizure, John was ready to call it quits on his marriage. The 2009 incident got Travolta so badly stressed that he reportedly took a five-day Caribbean cruise by himself with the intent of returning and filing for divorce.

Speaking about Jet’s death, a source said, “John and Kelly were so shell-shocked they were numb. They weren’t able to do the work they needed, and they were drowning in sorrow. At one point he told a pal, ‘I can’t go on like this. Kelly and I have become strangers. All she does is cry. I think it’s time we both start over.”

However, the cruise allowed John the time he needed to better gauge his life. The source added, “The cruise was a turning point in their relationship. John was on the verge of a com­plete breakdown. But at some point he decided his life with Kelly must go on, and what they needed was another baby. They learned from their sorrow, and their love bonded them again, paving the way for a baby.

Having another baby definitely bonds a couple in distress. Fortunately, John Travolta’s decision to stick with Kelly Preston paved the way for a miracle child. Together they have brought three babies into the world and despite the tragedies they’ve endured, they have always been there for one another. Hopefully, that is the way they will always be.

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