John Travolta’s Accuser Presents Emails as Evidence in Sexual Battery Case

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John Travolta’s second accuser claims to have solid evidence in his suit against the actor. An unidentified male masseur filed a lawsuit claiming damaged in the amount of $2 million after Travolta reportedly tried to molest him during a deep tissue massage. The actor’s attorney, Marty Singer, has denied this lawsuit and one filed the day before and vows to prove the stories are complete fabrications.

John Doe No. 2 says he can prove the sexual battery with emails. Okorie Okorocha is the attorney who is representing both masseurs and is reportedly working on finding more clients to come forward with their claims of sexual battery against the actor. The smoking gun in the second lawsuit is a series of emails. The accuser apparently emailed his bosses the day the incident occurred and several times after asking for something to be done. His emails were ignored.

Okorocha states, “There are MULTIPLE e-mails to document this, which will obviously be a big part of our case as we proceed.” The masseur also spoke with staff at the hotel in Atlanta, Georgia where Travolta was staying and the victim was employed. According to the lawsuit, Travolta was furious with the masseur for leaving the suite and physically walked to the spa and demanded the man to return and finish the job. Okorocha plans on calling the spa employee to testify as well.

The first case has basically been proven to be false. Pictures and receipts of John Travolta on the opposite coast the day the alleged battery occurred have been presented as a defense. This second case, could be a little more difficult to disprove. Travolta was in the area on the date the victim alleges.

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