John Wayne Bobbitt “Where is He Now” on ‘The View': Does Lorena’s Work of Art Still Work?

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Do you remember John Wayne Bobbitt from the 1990s? Lorena, his former wife, had cut off his “private part” and threw it onto a field. Since this happened, it has become an unfortunate punchline and harmless threat about cheaters and their partners. Later, Bobbitt had his “private part” reattached by sewing it back on.

John Wayne Bobbitt explained that he holds no remorse toward Lorena.

Yeah right! Stop lying. You know you hate her for cutting off your most precious body part. He believes that Lorena cut it off, because she was heartbroken after losing him, but he says she never apologized and will never admit why she really cut off his “private part.”

Bobbitt now lives in upstate New York, but he admits that he is having difficulty trusting women after the little incident. You think?

Star Jones asked the question all have been waiting to hear. Does his “private part” still work? Bobbitt smiled, nodded, and said, “We got some good doctors today.”

Well, there you have it. Lorena Bobbitt has little or no remorse for cutting off his “private part.” She claimed that she did it, because he had had an affair on her and forced her to get an abortion. And John Wayne Bobbitt can still have sex and cheat on other women. And for all those women who have been cheated on and abused men, this is a sad day.

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