Johnny Depp & Ashley Olsen Cheating Rumors Heating Up!

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Is Johnny Depp secretly seeing Ashley Olsen? Yes, that Mr. Depp who has two children with Vanessa Paradis and that Ashley Olsen of Mary Kate and Ashley… the Olsen Twins! What a tabloid mess!

It turns out that the tabloids, and specifically In Touch, are trying to paint Johnny Depp as trying to have a secret affair (or something like that) with Ashley Olsen. What else would explain Depp’s strange behavior as he left the same building that the Olsen Twin’s building?

Apparently, Depp looked as if he “didn’t want to be seen” by the paparazzi. Is this really a shocker? Johnny is known as a bit of a recluse, so to see him try to sneak out the backdoor and avoid the tabloid cameras is hardly surprising.

Of course, Ashley Olsen is hardly the only person that lives in the building, right? Is it possible that he was visiting someone else? Perhaps he was just using the building to gain safe refuge from the cameras.

Here is what person working in the building had to say:

An e-mail went around to the employees saying Johnny Depp was using our building to try to avoid paparazzi.

What? a cover-up. Talk about adding drama to the rumor. There there is this little nugget:

It was quiet in her apartment, like it was just the two of them in there… It didn’t seem like it was just a visit between friends.

So, was it a business meeting? Was it something more? Is all of this some elaborate ruse or just a tabloid fabrication. Who knows, still this whole incident seems quite odd, doesn’t it?

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