Johnny Depp Dead? Did Johnny Depp Die? Was There a Johnny Depp Car Crash?

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Johnny Depp dead headlines are everywhere this morning.  Rumors about a Johnny Depp car crash and alleged Johnny Depp death CNN reports are mentioned.  Did Johnny Depp die or is it just a terrible rumor?

Johnny Depp dead is an elaborate hoax.  It seems the San Francisco Chronicle got to the bottom of Johnny Depp car crash tales.  Apparently, there was a page at that lead readers to a story that appeared to be an official Johnny Depp death CNN report.  It is a fake CNN page. 

Did Johnny Depp die in some other way?  Thankfully, word on the street says Johnny Depp is in France, alive and well…

Here is YouTube video of Johnny Depp riding the Pirates of the Caribbean ride at Disney:


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