Johnny Depp Dead? Rumors Swirl Of Actor’s ‘Death’

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Is Johnny Depp dead? Apparently there are numerous rumors going around that the Pirates of The Caribbean actor has passed away. But is there any truth to them?

While some people may believe that the actor is dead, others will notice right away the similarities to other celebrity deaths in recent months. The internet has been swarming with these fake celebrity deaths and sadly, Johnny is just the latest victim.

Apparently, there is already a RIP page on Facebook circulating and some believe the actor died on his recent movie set.

There is some truth to that part. An actor did die on the set of Johnny’s latest movie, but it wasn’t Johnny himself.

Just like Morgan Freeman and other actors and actresses before him, Johnny Depp is a victim of some sick individual out there who likes to kill off celebrities via the internet and social media just because they can.

Did you think Johnny was dead? Are you glad to hear he is alive and well?

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