Johnny Depp Named Fashion Icon: A No Show at CFDA Awards

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Although Johnny Depp was named fashion icon of the year during Monday’s CFDA Awards, he didn’t show up to accept the honor. Although this sartorial champ was present and accounted for while at the MTV Awards on Sunday, rocking out with the Black Keys, he was absent for his next expected appearance.

Indeed, Captain Jack may not have been on board in person to pick up the praise in the form of a prize for his own personal style, but perhaps that’s because the celebration was in New York only one evening after Depp showed up in Los Angeles for MTV at the movie awards that honored him as well.

In any case, John Waters were there to sit in for Johnny while others in attendance dedicated a few words about how each of these fashionistas felt about the Pirates of the Caribbean star.

For instance, Diane Von Furstenberg called Johnny Depp’s style “hot” while Busy Phillips called his way of dressing “eclectic.” Jessica Chastain said that “he doesn’t just..follow the rules. He makes the rules.”

Meanwhile, arguably the best comment about how Mister Depp dresses came from Padma Lakshmi, who described the actor’s style in fits and starts, saying, “Eyeliner. One bath less a week. A few gray hairs and killer charisma.”

Perhaps it’s that killer charisma that really makes instead of breaks the way Johnny Depp wears his sartorial statements. Who knows?

Whatever the reason, he has been called a fashion icon even though he was a no show for the CFDA Awards, the organization who called him out in the first place.

So, with that said, do you think Johnny Depp made a faux pas by not turning up to take his prize in person? Do you think he should have chosen this occasion over the MTV Movie Awards appearance as the must-do for his week? Do you think the CFDA folks are mad about the fact that Captain Jack abandoned ship as far as this group of style arbiters is concerned?

Please weigh in with your thoughts about Johnny Depp and his personal fashion expressions as well as his lack of appearance for the CFDA Awards who crowned him king of style.

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