Johnny Depp Rocks Out At 2012 MTV Movie Awards

When Johnny Depp takes the stage, you can always expect a brilliant performance. Not only has he brought to life some iconic characters such as Edward Scissorhands and Captain Jack Sparrow, but he also portrayed Willy Wonka in a whole new light. For his awesome achievements, he was honored at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards with the Generation Award.

JohnnyDeppJune07Of course, rather than step on stage and simply thank his adoring fans for the award, Johnny took the stage and rocked out with The Black Keys. As any avid Depp Head (the names of his dedicated fans) will tell you, Johnny Depp originally moved to Hollywood to pursue his music career, but sort of fell into the acting biz. However, he still plays music whenever he gets the chance, so it was no surprise to see him on guitar.

The award was presented to him by Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith who referred to him as “gutsy.” He admitted that after watching his past film clips there was “something wrong with him.” Overall, he seemed very appreciative of the honor and went back to rocking it out with The Black Keys after accepting his golden popcorn.

Depp, who will turn 49 on the ninth of this month, has had an amazing career. Of course, it is hard to pick just one role as his best, but if you had to choose, which of his iconic roles would you pick as your favorite?

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