Johnny Depp sued by college professor for causing her medical distress?

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It looks like actor Johnny Depp may lose a little cash after an incident where his bodyguards were a bit too rough with a woman who got too close to him at an Iggy Pop concert. A Los Angeles County Superior Court judge has ruled a college professor can seek punitive damages in a lawsuit against the iconic Hollywood figure.

Her legal claim in a nutshell? The college professor (who happens to teach medicine) is claiming that the stress from the now infamous incident is making her pre-existing medical conditions worse.

JohnnyDeppJune07Huffington Post reports, “Robin Eckert, a U.C. Irvine medical professor, filed a lawsuit last April that alleged the “Dark Shadows” actor’s bodyguards attacked her while at an Iggy and the Stooges concert at the Hollywood Palladium last December. Eckert, the mother of two, had attended the concert with her husband.”

Painting the perfect picture of loving mom and respected authority figure, the woman in question filed claims against the star last April. However, it was not until the judges new ruling that she received the go-ahead to legally pursue damages from the actor with vim and vigor for his staff’s behavior.

“Among the complaints that 53-year-old Eckert filed was that the bodyguards handcuffed her, dragged her on the ground through the arena’s VIP area and caused her pants to fall off, according to the Los Angeles Times. She also contended that the incident had caused lasting trauma and worsened her fibromyalgia condition…” said the Post.

Quite honestly, had she kept her distance from the star and avoided his security team entirely the whole unpleasant and embarrassing incident could have been avoided. Further, since her name made headline news, asking for an apology or meeting with the actor would have been the socially proper thing to do.

Suing Depp for his bodyguards doing their job makes the woman look shallow, selfish, and immature in front of a global audience. No amount of money she might ever collect will assuage her embarrassment — and the lawsuit itself (if she loses) is likely to be a costly and emotionally time consuming process.

Sadly, this college professor has turned her medical reputation into a bit of a joke. Because she’s suing one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood social circles, she appears to be a deranged groupie at best… or worse — an ambulance chaser. “Neither of which are flattering descriptions that should ever be used to describe a university level educator…” said one UC Irvine alumni source interviewed.

Embarrassed over her behavior, they elected to keep their name anonymous.

What do you think, readers? Should she continue to sue? Moreover, what do you think is the best way for Johnny Depp to handle this mess — noting he already issued a public apology to the woman for his guards acting in a manner similar to her own level of aggression? Sound off in the comments section below.

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