Johnny Lewis Tragedy Causes Scientology Distance

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The Church of Scientology appears to be distancing itself from anything pertaining to Johnny Lewis. The late Sons of Anarchy actor and Scientology poster boy has members of the organization scrambling to separate from the star.

According to a report from RadarOnline, the Church of Scientology once touted the membership of Lewis on websites and blogs, but has now removed any reference about him in light of the recent tragedy involving murder, assault, and subsequently the actor’s own death.

Johnny Lewis What kind of “church” removes references of past members, even when those members have committed heinous acts? Real churches pray for those member’s souls, their victims, and the families left behind.

A photo of Johnny Lewis once graced the Church of Scientology’s drug abuse rehabilitation organization Narconon’s site—but mysteriously disappeared in the days following his death. It seems like when he was a celebrity in good standing, he was worthy of the notoriety, but only then.

The former president of the Scientology Celebrity Centre, Nancy Many, believes the Church of Scientology might even be at the root of the actor’s breakdown.

She feels the reason Lewis turned to drugs perhaps came on “because of the pressure and intensity of [Scientology] is so great.”

Lewis’s parents are very active members of the Church of Scientology, and his dad even once made a film with L. Ron Hubbard. How do you think they feel about any reference to their son being removed from anything pertaining to Scientology since the recent tragedy? Or are they more into the organization than they were into their son? Might they even be part of the removal process?

What makes people so loyal to an organization that they would forsake their own child? That doesn’t sound very church-like, does it?

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