Johnny Weir didn’t win Men’s Figure Skating: Fashion winning costume delight

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Johnny Weir wasn’t expected to win a medial tonight at the 2010 Winter Olympics. Leaving all the crazy off the ice, he went out and performed beautifully tonight and ended up 6th in the competition.

What did come in first place was his fashion on the podium. Standing in his costume, he had a beautiful bouquet of roses, wore a headband of roses and waved to the public with his white gloves. He truly looked like a prince of the ice and brought the light of winning the competition by his teammate to himself tastefully.

CLICK HERE to see Johnny Weir on the ice.

There is something special about Johnny Weir. He competes with his heart and brings us to realize that each of us need to follow out dreams no matter how difficult that can be.

Walking away from the Olympic’s tonight everyone can learn a valuable lesson from Weir. Never give up as the spotlight isn’t about being first, it is about being true.

CLICK HERE to see Johnny Weir on the ice.

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