Join Me , Stress Free Vacation on the Moon

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This year has been quite stressful 

For many of us I know 

So I figured here is the perfect opportunity 

To take a fantasy trip, you know where I want to go


Just lift your eyes and look up 

See the clear cold sky above 

With the stars like diamonds reflecting 

Memories all inspired by love 


Well, now is the time to make some more 

Will you join me in my quest 

My home away from home is waiting 

The Dandelion Moon is at its best 


There’s just a sliver up there now 

Which means some of the silver spurs are shining 

The rest is a gorgeous yellow where we’ll sit 

And relax while we do our Christmas dining 


There will be such a spread of wonderful treats 

Something for every appetite 

Music will be softly playing on the Moonstand

Santa will circle us, to show off in his flight 


We won’t have any work to do at all 

Just enjoy  love and happiness 

What else can beat that recipe 

To relieve us all from stress 


Oh sure, some stress is good for you 

Like the times when you are scurrying about 

Getting ready for company and cooking 

But still that can wear you out 


This Vacation on the fabulous Dandelion Moon 

Is yours, you don’t even need a ticket 

You can all join me without having to say  zoom 

Just snap your fingers saying  Jimminy Cricket 


You’ll know me because I’ll be waiting 

As your hostess ,anticipating the arrival of you all  

A golden crown of dandelions adorning  my head 

Come on up, we’ll have a Merry Christmas Ball 


 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year To Everyone

With love, Elsie











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