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Down in the city of New Orleans

The Mardi Gras is celebrated

People gather for parades

Most everything tolerated


The buglers blow with puffed out cheeks

The crowd dances right along

Big tall clowns with huge noses

Join  singing  the words to every song


Beaded costumes, worked on for months

No one can be outdone

Sequins on satin flash in the light

Tricks played on everyone


A gala event enjoyed over days

Each one special to remember

When the Saints Come Marching In

Is executed in splendor


I’d like to be a little bird

Watching the parade in muster

What a performance it is each year

Perfection as a winter buster




The List of Things to Do:

  • Add this Challenge Statement to the post: In honour of Mardi Gras write a story (fiction or non-fiction), or a poem about one or more of the following: New Orleans, Masks, Beads, Costumes, Parades

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