Jon and Kate Gosselin Divorce–End of ‘Kate Plus 8′

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After court proceedings this week TLC has announced, according to the New York Post, that after November there will be no new episodes of ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8′, or ‘Kate Plus 8.’  In recent months watching the show has been like relieving your parents messy divorce–painful.

Jon Gosselin prohibited film crews from coming to his home and taping his eight children, now TLC is trying to squeeze out some shows with “lost” or extra footage from existing tapes in order to finish out this season.

Kate has made no comments about the decision, and has stated earlier that the show is her source of income and that the kids were really upset when told they were not filming anymore.  Jon has made no comments either since putting his foot down on the show after TLC announced it was changing the name to ‘Kate Plus 8.’

TLC has not made it clear if Jon Ok’s filming they will start again.

Let’s finally lay this show to rest.  Kate can find other sources of income; it is not the end of the world, just the end of their marriage.

What do you think, end the show for good or beg Jon to Ok filming?

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