Jon and Kate Gosselin Get Along for the Kids!

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America watched Jon and Kate Gosselin’s eight children grow up on television, but they also watched the two’s marriage dissolve. Divorce is hard enough when there is one child involved, but imagine how hard it must be with eight!

There are often reports that Jon and Kate don’t get along, but that is understandable. It is often hard for exes to get along, but it looks like these two work it out, at least for their children’s sake.

Jon recently spoke to Us Magazine about how the couple co-parents and it seems that they handle the situation well. Jon said:

“We’re doing our best to co-parent. Sometimes we argue, obviously, so we have our differences in parenting and in life in general, but we only do what we can handle.”

No matter what people may think of Kate Gosselin, it is good to know that she tries to work with Jon for the kids’ sake. Many people miss seeing the Gosselin children on television and wonder how they are doing. Luckily, Kate still provides updates on her family through her website, so fans aren’t left completely in the dark!

Since the ending of the show, Jon has gone on to a simpler life and wants the same for his kids. It seems though that his ex-wife isn’t ready to let go of the spotlight and was recently named one of the most overexposed celebrities.

Do you think Jon and Kate co-parent well? Are you hoping that, one day, Kate and her kids return to television?

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