Jon and Kate Plus 8 = Divorce

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The Gosselins have reportedly filed for separation after 10 years of marriage and 5 seasons.  Why this comes as a surprise to anyone, I don’t know.  When I see two parents who would cash in on their kids to make a buck, I don’t expect moral superiority.  The show which rated 9th in Neilsen television ratings for cable shows last week may see a bump in viewership with the announcement tonight.

Regardless of whether you feel bad for Jon or Kate (and many have already chosen sides,) it’s the kids who are going to pay.  It’s times like these I am glad to have my autonomy.  I have always had sympathy for celebrities who try to shun the media and have some semblance of a personal life, but it’s hard for me to feel bad for those who broadcast their daily lives across the air.  I can’t help, but wonder if having becoming Jon and Kate Plus 8 changed things from them just being the Gosselins.  Fame has been shown to lead to inflated egos in some cases.  

These kids don’t need to see every little thing their parents dislike about one another, nor do they need to see the antics of two newly split parents trying to one up each other without one spin control doctor in the mix.  This is one case where the controversy, the better… for ratings.  Or are the ratings what it is all about?

In any case, if you thought the McCarthy split up was ugly, fasten your seat belts because this looks like an even bumpier ride.  Instead of money, the Gosselins will probably be fighting for tv rights.  Divorce reality-style looks like it is going to be messy.

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