Jon and Kate

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I used to love to watch this show.  I haven’t watched it since all the “scandals” have become news.  However, I am truly saddened to hear about their impending divorce.  I can’t even imagine what this will do to the children.  Those adorable little faces are probably confused and saddened by all this as well. 

I just wonder if they even tried to work it out.  It does seem based on the coverage that they can’t even talk to each other.  How sad is that. 

I went through a period where I totally despised my husband.  I came to realize how some people could call it quits during a dark period.  But I remembered that I made a lifetime commitment to him, for better or worse, for richer or poorer.  We got through those dark times and are even happier now than before.  Plus, I was not going to be a single parent.  Sometimes it rough enough with both of us around. 

I also keep in mind what Billy Graham said when asked about the longevity of his marriage. “Everyday I wake up and I choose to love my wife.  Because the day that I don’t, it becomes easy to fall out of love.”   Choosing to love that person during the dark times is incredibly hard but otherwise you are left all alone.  Love is not a romance novel but it can still be a great story. 

I just hope that Jon and Kate put forth the effort to try and save their marriage rather than throwing it away because it was easier. 

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