Jon Bon Jovi’s Daughter OD’s, Gets Arrested for Heroin Possession

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Jon Bon Jovi is facing a parent’s worst nightmare. His oldest child, daughter Stephanie Bongiovi, has been arrested after overdosing on heroin. Things just got worse from there. Police were called at 1:51 on Wednesday morning after Stephanie was found unresponsive after a suspected heroin overdose.

When police got to the Hamilton College dorm room, the drugs were identified and confiscated, and they got busy arresting the users. Stephanie’s friend, 21-year-old Ian Grant, was charged with seventh degree criminal possession. The 19-year-old was transported to the hospital to treat her overdose and is expected to be released today.

Her troubles are not over. Stephanie has also been charged with criminal possession. A drug task force was called in, and a thorough search of the room resulted in more trouble for the students. Heroin, marijuana and paraphernalia were all found. Stephanie and Ian have both been charged and released and will have to appear in court at a later date.

This must be heartbreaking for the parents. Not only are they dealing with a kid who likely has a drug problem, but she will very likely be kicked out of school as well. Jon Bon Jovi is not the typical rock star dad. He has maintained a fairly clean image and has been married to Stephanie’s mom for 19 years. Hopefully, this will be a wake-up call and the Bon Jovi family can get their daughter back on the right track.

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