Jon Bon Jovi’s Daughter’s Drug Charges Dropped

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Jon Bon Jovi’s daughter Stephanie Bongiovi overdosed on heroin in her dorm room earlier this week and was charged with drug possession. A day later those charges were dropped. Did her famous dad call in some favors to get his daughter out of trouble?

According to a report from Hollywood Life, no. The dropping of the drug charges had nothing to do with her dad. And besides, he’sJon Bon Jovi not the kind of guy to tamper with the law.

Charges were dropped instead because of a New York law (Stephanie Bongiovi goes to college in upstate New York) that ‘specifically prohibits prosecution of people who experience a drug overdose, as well as the people who help them seek medical care.

Stephanie was originally charged with possession of both heroin and pot, as was her friend Ian Grant, who was at the scene of her frightening overdose.

Do you think it’s a good thing that these charges were dropped? Might it have taught both Jon Bon Jovi’s daughter and her friend a valuable lesson had they been made to pay the price for their illegal actions? Or was the New York law the reason her life was saved? Had it not been in place, might Ian Grant not have called 911 to get her the help she so desperately needed?

You can check out a photo of Bon Jovi and Bongiovi by clicking on the Hollywood Life link above.

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