Jon Cryer Goes to Work for Ellen DeGeneres

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Jon Cryer needs a job. In light of the recent production shut down of Two and a Half Men, the actor is out of work. Ellen DeGeneres stepped up to the plate and offered a job to the former Charlie Sheen sidekick.

According to a report from RadarOnline, Cryer plays the role of Alan Harper on Two and a Half Men. Due to Charlie Sheen’s recent run of atrocities, he is out of a job while CBS and Warner Brothers decide whether or not to replace Sheen or cancel the show.

Enter Ellen DeGeneres. The hilarious talk show host is never without the perfect quip or funny idea to set up a faux job for Jon Cryer. He appeared on her Thursday, March 3 show, playing the part of a receptionist.

Of course the “job” is all in good fun, since DeGeneres isn’t known for mean-spirited antics. Jon Cryer plays the role with his usual flair of humor fully intact.

While a guest on Ellen, Jon Cryer is very careful not to engage in actual details of what may be going on behind the scenes regarding the production of Two and a Half Men. He is kind and funny when mentioning Charlie Sheen. However it’s quite clear he really doesn’t know what to anticipate regarding his future and his job.

Ellen assures Jon Cryer that if all else fails, he makes a great receptionist, and she’ll see to it that he doesn’t wind up getting assistance from the state.

Recent rumors have pegged both John Stamos and Donnie Osmond for Charlie Sheen’s role on Two and a Half Men. What do you think will happen to the show?

Kudos to Ellen DeGeneres and Jon Cryer for trying to give what is an increasingly disturbing situation a little touch of tasteful humor.

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