Jon Cryer Still Friends with Charlie Sheen

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Jon Cryer visited David Letterman and revealed that despite everything that’s happened between him and Sheen, they are still friends.

Would you still consider someone who repeatedly trash talked you to be a friend? John Cryer does, as he revealed to David Letterman.

Letterman took the time to remind both Cryer and his audience that Sheen called him names. “He called you a troll or something,” Letterman said.

“Yes,” Cryer agreed. “As friends do.”

Once again, Jon has shown that he’s a class act and taken the high road. He also, perhaps has shown everyone a thing or two about forgiveness.

Jon also spoke of how none of them on Two and a Half Men saw Charlie’s meltdown coming. He told the talk show host that they didn’t have any way of knowing the signs to look for.

“This has never happened before. There was no template for a star going what appeared to be crazy while starring in a popular show before,” Cryer said.

You’d think that somewhere in the course of television history someone did go off the deep end. Though that still isn’t an indicator that the signs for each person will be exactly or even remotely the same. Unfortunately, these things tend to hit with little to no warning, and all you can do is react in the best way possible. It seems Jon’s done just that.

Do you think he was honest when he called Charlie a friend? Weigh in below.

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