Jon Gosselin Forced to Pay Gigantic Alimony Payments

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As if you haven’t had an a$$ full of Gosselin news, the ridonkulous twosome have someone found their way back in the headlines.  Not only are they officially divorced, but Jon Gosselin is also reportedly dead broke.  According to, “We’ve learned under the arbitrator’s award, Jon must make huge child support payments — we’re told 5 figures a month. And here’s the problem. TLC has now shut down Jon’s ability to take outside jobs.”  Oh, the justice…it burns!  How will he ever buy his Ed Hardy tees now, let alone ante up for those sizable alimony payments?

TMZ has also reported that on top of the monthly payments, Jon was also charged the $235,000 that he apparently withdrew from their joint account.  The real kick in his baggy, ill-fitting pants is Kate Gosselin wasn’t ordered to pay back the money she withdrew, as the arbitrator deemed it necessary for the children.  That’s right, they have children.  Eight of them, in fact.  You’d never know the way these two schmo’s act on a daily basis.  After the spectacle Jon has made of himself in the media, I’m just glad to see him getting a bit of karmic payback.  Kate will certainly gets her as she withers in her ever-shrinking spotlight.

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