Jon Gosselin, Former Husband of Kate Gosselin, Has (Another) New Girlfriend

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Jon Gosselin, ex-husband of Kate Gosselin, isn’t letting the grass grow under his feet. Since he and Kate split up Jon has had quite a few girlfriends. This current one, first name Liz, has three kids of her own. This ranks high in Jon’s book because it is assumed if someone has three kids they can adjust to his eight.

Come on Jon, 8 plus 3 doesn’t equal heaven. But Jon is telling everyone that his new relationship works. Maybe it is time that Jon gives Kate some dating advice. Kate can’t find, or doesn’t have time to find, a man in her life to keep her company. This may be where you say something like, ‘What man in his right mind would take on 8 kids?’ That could be one-half of the reason Kate can’t find a mate.

Where's Jon?But it is always easier for the man isn’t it? Jon Gosselin sounds like he is actually happy. He even states that his kids love her kids. According to Jon, “Most of the time we do things with 11 children, and my kids are older and love her kids. They look so cute together, her three little blondes, with mine who are all dark haired, it’s like these are mine and those are yours.”

Check out the photo of Jon and Liz, they are both smiling and perhaps Jon Gosselin has found happiness, if even for a few months. Now what about you, Kate Gosselin?

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