Jon Gosselin Quits 9-5 Job

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Has Jon Gosselin already quit his job? It was only recently reported that he had taken a 9-5 position in sales for a company called Global Green. Now word is out that he has already quit that job.

According to a report from the Huffington Post, Gosselin took the job, saying he craved the regularity that a 9-5 job would provide, and that it would also allow him to provide for his eight children.

Jon Gosselin had told the media that he didn’t need to make tons of money like his ex-wife Kate Gosselin makes filming her reality TV show Kate Plus 8. Jon said he’d had enough of the limelight when he appeared on Jon & Kate Plus 8 with the rest of his family.

Well, now Daddy Gosselin has neither fame and fortune nor the money to help support his large family. What will he do next?

Will Gosselin now mooch off his girlfriend in order to make ends meet? Will he consider creating his own reality show to earn an honest living? Or will he go back to being the philandering playboy, hopping from bar to bar and chatting it up with the paparazzi?

It would be interesting to learn what excuse Jon Gosselin uses when explaining to his kids that Daddy no longer has a job. What will he tell Kate Gosselin, when she learns that child support payments might be a bit lean and very late?

Ah, Jon Gosselin. People had such high hopes for you. Now you’ve blown your “I want a 9-5 job,” facade and gone back to “Jon Gosselin without a job.” Face it, you’re starting to look like a hopeless case.

Gosselin was lucky to have landed a job in this economy, and should have thought hard and long before quitting it. He might not be lucky enough to find another one.


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