Jon Gosselin settles lawsuit with TLC

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Jon Gosselin settles lawsuit with TLC


Well uber-douche Jon Goseselin has settled things with TLC. Financially that is. Things look to be looking up for him. He has a new girlfriend, he’s spending time with the kids, and he is no longer broke. Maybe he will actually turn out to be an ok guy? I hope so for the kids sake.


Thanks to the negotiations with TLC, no money that Jon made over the last year will be liable. But TLC has to be able to film the kids if Jon wants a paycheck.


According to FOX 411 news, Jon does not have to appear on whatever show the network is planning to feature the kids on. All he has to do is allow it.


“It will be different from Jon and Kate Plus 8,” the source said of the new show.  “The kids may be off camera, they will be filmed less and talked about more to fill in storylines.  There will be no exploitation, but the kids have truly missed the camera crew and Kate would love to reunite them all.”


As for Jon Gosselin, there may still be a tiny glimmer of hope for him.  The report states that his friends are pushing him to refocus on his career, supporting him throughout this financial ordeal.  But that might be only because he owes them money too.

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