Jon Gosselin’s Apartment Broken Into and Contents Cut to Pieces…Uh Huh

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In the “Pull My Other Leg and It Plays Jingle Bells” category of entertainment news, Jon Gosselin’s apartment was reportedly broken into and everything was hacked to pieces.  TMZ reported:

“…when Jon entered his Manhattan apartment this afternoon, he found his ‘shoes, shirts, luggage, bed, curtain, rugs and other furnishings’ had been slashed by a ‘sick perpetrator’ — and it doesn’t stop there.

We’re told Jon’s television, CD player, coffee maker, a Nintendo Wii game, dishes, pots and pans were taken from his apartment. Jon’s attorney also says a Ming vase, believed to be over 100 years old … was “smashed to pieces.”

Ex-girlfriend and equally gigantic fame whore Hailey Glassman has been questioned, as her name was signed at the bottom of a note that was eerily stabbed to the bedroom dresser with a butcher knife.  However, authorities aren’t saying that proves anything.  And, although the apartment has been brushed for prints, Glassman used to live there so that, too, doesn’t exactly prove anything.

Say it ain’t so – Gosselin’s douchy Ed Hardy tees slashed to smithereens?  Perhaps it was actually the Fashion Police.  More likely, however, this is a sad attempt for the fading pseudo-celeb to keep his 15 minutes of “fame” going.  Tick tock, Jon.  Tick tock.     

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